July 30, 2022

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Weighty downpours, floods hit Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan exchange

CHAGAI/QUETTA: The exchange among Pakistan and Iran was suspended after downpours and glimmer floods washed away Quetta-Zahedan rail track at different places and furthermore stopped Afghan travel exchange because of flooding at the Pak-Afghan...
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Kyiv powers blamed for killing 40 in rebel-controlled prison

KYIV: Russia has blamed Kyiv powers for striking a prison in Olenivka in the nonconformist controlled eastern Ukraine, where Russian protection service said 40 Ukrainian detainees of war were killed and 75 injured. Russia...
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Pakistanis among top 10 purchasers as Dubai property deals soar

DUBAI: Dubai’s super hot property market flooded in the main portion of the year as financial backers heaped in, with Russians among the main five purchasers as the emirate benefits from a deluge of...
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Instagram to stop ‘TikTok-like elements’

SAN FRANCISCO: Instagram will stop includes that clients have crusaded against and griped make the interpersonal organization an excess of like TikTok, as per a report in the Platformer tech bulletin. VIP sisters Kim...
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Pakistan World

Diesel to go up, decline in petroleum rate anticipated

ISLAMABAD: Owing to an extraordinary pre-state of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for expansion in petrol improvement demand (PDL), the cost of fast diesel (HSD) is assessed to go up by about Rs8 per...
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