Andhra Pori 2015 Telugu Language Indian Dubbed Film Directed by Raj Madiraju’s

Andhra Pori is a 2015 Telugu-language Indian film.It is Raj Madiraju’s third movie as a chief after Uncle (2001) and Rushi (2012).

The Andhra Relationship of Telangana appealed to the court against the film’s title, contending that the word pori is an “frightful word to debase the self esteem of the young lady”. The court excused the plea.The film is an authority revamp of 2014 Marathi film Timepass featuring Prathamesh Parab and Ketaki Mategaonkar which depended on creator Shaiju Mathew’s novel Thumped Up that delivered in 2010.


Narsingh is a kid from Telangana who gets thrown out subsequent to bombing his tutoring. He meets Prashanthi, the girl of a rich man, and becomes hopelessly enamored. He refers to Prashanthi as “Andhra Pori”, and that implies young lady from Andhra, and the film covers their relationship and family show.

Project Or Cast

Akash Puri as Narsingh
Ulka Gupta as Prashanti
Arvind Krishna
Eshwari Rao

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