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Zafarullah Khan (URDU:ظفراللہ خان) is a Pakistani Government official, Counselor at-Regulation and Essayist/Writer. He filled in as Extraordinary Aide to the Head of the state on Regulation/Administrative Pastor, Legislature of Pakistan (2016-2018); Unique Colleague to the Top state leader on Common liberties, Clergyman of State, Administration of Pakistan (2014-15); Exceptional Collaborator to the State leader on Monetary Undertakings/Priest of State Legislature of Pakistan (2014-15); Unique Partner to the State head on Bureau Division/Pastor of State Legislature of Pakistan (2014-15); Unique Associate to the State head on Parliamentary Issues/Clergyman of State Administration of Pakistan (2014); Secretary, Regulation, Equity and Basic freedoms, Administration of Pakistan (Oct 2013-Nov 2014). He Joined Area The executives Gathering of Common Assistance of Pakistan (1987); served in the territories of Punjab and Sindh in different Authoritative, legal and nearby Government positions from 1989 to 1995 and from 1998 to 2002.

Khan got a Four year education in liberal arts degree from Bahauddin Zakariya College in 1981.He got an Expert of Science (MSc) certificate in Worldwide Relations from Quaid-I-Azam College in 1984; MSc Being developed Examinations, SOAS, London, UK (Initial term) (1995); a certification in Single man in Regulation (LLB) from City, College of London in 1996.;[1] Counselor at-Regulation, Lincoln’s Hotel, London, Joined Realm (1998).

Khan did Postgraduate Certificate in Bar Professional Course from the College of the West of Britain in 1997; Khan was called to the Bar by the Decent Society of Lincoln’s Hotel, London, Joined Realm (1998).
Zafarullah Khan has gone to numerous expert courses including: Exchanges on Monetary Exchanges, Joined Countries Organization of Preparing and Exploration (2004); Substitute Debate Goal, Joined Countries Foundation of Preparing and Exploration (2004);International Work Principles Course for Judges and Legal counselors, at Worldwide Instructional hub, Turin, Italy (2005); Confidential Worldwide Regulation, The Hague Institute of Global Regulation, Netherlands (2007); Globalization’, Oxford College, UK, (2011).

He has numerous differentiations shockingly: Announced ‘Equipped’ in Bar Professional Assessment, College of the West of Britain, Bristol, Joined Realm; First situation in LLB, City College, London, Joined Realm; First position and Testament of Legitimacy in MSc, Quaid-I-Azam College, Islamabad; Second position and Legitimacy Endorsement in Four year certification in liberal arts, Bahauddin Zakariya College, Multan; Second position and silver award in Moderate Assessment, Leading group of Training, Multan; Fatima Jinnah Gold Decoration for advancement of ladies freedoms by Service of Ladies Advancement, Pakistan (2004).


In October 2013, Khan was designated as Regulation Secretary of Pakistan. where he stayed until November 2014.

In 2015, he was delegated as the unique aide to Head of the state of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif for common liberties division with the situation with clergyman of state.

Under the steady gaze of beginning his regulation practice in 2002, Khan served for quite some time in the common help as a Pakistan Regulatory Help official subsequent to clearing his CSS assessments. He had a place with the fifteenth CTP, a similar group as Allah Dino Khawaja, Rizwan Ahmed, Sikandar Ruler Raja, Jawad Rafique Malik and Fawad Hasan Fawad. Khan filled in as Collaborator Chief, Representative Official, Appointee Secretary, and Extra Secretary in commonplace divisions in Sindh and Punjab. He likewise filled in as Manager of different metropolitan boards of trustees and companies during his residency with the Public authority.

He has shown regulation, Common freedoms and Global Relations at Worldwide Islamic College, Islamabad, Quaid-e-Azam College, Islamabad, Iqra College, Islamabad, Bahria College, Islamabad, Punjab College, Lahore, College of Lahore, at Bosses and PhD levels and furthermore instructed at Common Administrations Foundation, Lahore, Public Police Foundation, Islamabad, and numerous different organizations of higher learning and preparing. He is keen on perusing and composing. His inclinations incorporate Regulation, Political Economy, Brain research, Theory, Political Theory, Worldwide Relations, Basic liberties, Writing, Religions, and Sufism. He has created many books and booklets on Regulation, Basic liberties, Islam, Sufism and Global Relations.

He has created many books and booklets on Regulation, Basic liberties, Islam, Sufism and Global Relations.

Regulation profession

Expertly, Khan is a counselor at regulation and a senior promoter of the High Court of Pakistan. He is Head of Chambers/Overseeing accomplice of JURISCONSULTS. Khan has addressed a few high-profile Pakistani characters remembering Top state leaders of Pakistan for different cases like Shahid Khaqan Abbasi; he has addressed PML(N) on various occasions.

He has filled in as legitimate and basic liberties expert on ladies, youngsters and work issues with various UN associations, INGOs and NGOs. He was the Group Chief in DFID financed ‘Pakistan Family Security Venture’, Service of Ladies Improvement, (2003-2004) and stayed Legitimate Counsel, Service of Ladies Advancement, (2003-6) managing UN reports and drafting/upholding favorable to ladies regulation for example honor-killing, abusive behavior at home, illegal exploitation. He arranged 7-volume investigation of ‘Youngster Related Laws of Pakistan’ for UNICEF and Public Commission for Kid Government assistance and Advancement, Legislature of Pakistan (2003-4). He did a concentrate on Kid Homegrown Specialists (2004); drafted ‘Pakistan Youngster Commission Act 2004’; inspected Kid Related Regulations, Strategies and Principles of Sindh/Pakistan (2004-6); and dealt with labor enrollment and kid work regulations (2011). He executed (with FPAP) an EU Task on ‘Institutional Fortifying and Limit Working of Public Functionaries in Consume Cases’ (2004-5). He worked with ILO Pakistan (2004-2012) on end of reinforced work, jail work rehearses, ILO Shows 100 and 111, legal solutions for fortified work and avoidance of provocation at working environment. He stayed Legitimate Guide of UN Living space, Islamabad and arranged a book and manuals ashore and property freedoms in Pakistan ((2011-13). He was essential for common society crusade for endorsement of Show against Torment and Other Savage, Barbaric or Corrupting Treatment or Discipline (2005-2010).

Counselor Khan addressed Pakistan before Joined Countries’ Panel on the Kid in Geneva in 2003 and 2009. He was head of Pakistan assignment to UN Panel on the Privileges of Kid in 58th Meeting (Walk 2014), 59th Meeting of the UN Commission on the Situation with Ladies (Walk 2015) New York. He headed Pakistan assignments for UN 1508th Gathering of Panel Against Torment (April 2017), 32nd Gathering of Board of trustees on Monetary, Social and Social Privileges (June 2017), Working Gathering on the General Intermittent Survey of UN Common liberties Committee (September 2017).

He was Visitor Speaker in OXFAM territorial meeting on ‘Change-Creator for Aggressive behavior at home, Colombo (Walk 2006). He introduced many papers at Global Legal Meetings coordinated by Regulation and Equity Commission, Pakistan. He has made introductions on endless worldwide and public meetings on different subjects of global relations, common liberties and protected regulation.

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