PTI’s Liberty Chowki Falls on Dada Darbar Before the march Begins.

The march started from Liberty Chowk under the leadership of Imran Khan in the name of “Real Freedom March”, Data appeared at Darbar late at night.

“True Freedom March” under the leadership of Imran Khan, on the day of the march starting from Liberty Chowk, Dada appears at Darbar.

In his address at the beginning of the long march, Imran Khan said that the long march is not for any political or personal purpose, my only purpose is to bring real freedom to the country, not in London or any other country, in the middle of the country. . . . We want us to be strong, our critical construct.

The next stop of the PTI long march was at Rahul Achhra of Kalma Chowk where Imran Khan said in his address that we are the law of the jungle ruling the country. Adar Long March Mazanggi Chowki, from where the marchers in the Islamic camp, Istiqlal. Long march from Mazang Chungi Chowk to MM and College where Imran Khan said that we are not ready for any external slavery, just as Pakistanis told Arshad Sharif that he has to go to the country.

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