Imran Khan summons Mujibur Rehman lined up as PTI uncertain of walk objective

Pakistan's previous top state leader Imran Khan (C) addresses his allies during an enemy of government walk towards capital Islamabad, requesting early decisions, in Gujranwala on November 1, 2022. — AFP

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf (PTI) Director Imran Khan on Tuesday contrasted his battle for ‘genuine opportunity’ and that of Awami Association boss Sheik Mujibur Rehman and reminded that the nation had parted into two after an ideological group with a genuine political command was denied its all in all correct to run the show.

The previous head, whose long walk began on Friday, offered these comments while tending to party allies in Gujranwala. On its fifth day, the walk actually had not moved past Gujranwala, falling far behind its timetable.

In his location to the members, the PTI director said the Awami Association was denied its “electing command” which brought about the detachment of the eastern portion of the country.

“A smart lawmaker [ZA Bhutto], in his covetousness for power, set the military against the then biggest party [Awami League], which had won races, causing the dissection of the country.”

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Comparing the PTI with Awami League, Imran Khan said his party was the “largest and sole federal party” and yet he was denied fresh elections by the government.

“Everyone knows Mujibur Rehman and his party won the general elections in 1970. Instead of handing over power, a clever politician set Awami League and the army on the collision course… at present, Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari are playing a similar role as they are trying to conspire with the establishment to block the PTI’s journey back to power,” the former premier alleged.

Speaking at the rally, Imran Khan also challenged former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to an electoral contest. “Nawaz Sharif I challenge you: when you come back, I will beat you in your constituency!” he thundered.

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In the same breath, Mr Khan took former president Asif Ali Zardari to the task and said that he would be descending on Sindh because the province needed “liberation from his rule…Sindh needs haqiqi azadi, more than any other province”.

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The PTI chairman also urged the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice of the “custodial torture” of PTI leaders Azam Swati and Shahbaz Gill and ensure justice.

Location of sit-in

Meanwhile, another PTI leader claimed that the party was reconsidering its plans of entering Islamabad for the long march because of the government’s resolve to counter the marchers with the help of police and law enforcement agencies.

“There is a possibility of halting the march in Rawalpindi,” the insider claimed and added there were two reasons for mulling the decision. “The PTI leadership is thinking of staging a sit-in in Pindi because it is in power in the province,” the PTI leader said.

The party insider added that the second reason would be the ‘symbolic’ importance of the garrison city which houses the General Headquarters, to which Imran Khan is apparently looking for a bargain. “The final decision, however, will be made once the march will reach the gates of Rawalpindi,” the PTI leader said, calling the debate over the location of the sit-in a “hot topic” in the party.

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