Pakistan: TLP minister calls for assault on Ahmadi pregnant ladies

Islamabad Pakistan, October 9: A pastor of the restricted Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) has requested that his supporters assault Ahmadi pregnant ladies to “ensure that no new Ahmadis are conceived”.
A video has arisen via virtual entertainment showing a discourse by TLP pastor Muhammad Naeem Chattha Qadri approaching his allies to do assaults against pregnant Ahmadi ladies to “ensure that no new Ahmadis are conceived.”
That’s what he demanded “there is nevertheless one discipline for blasphemers, execution.” The minister said should the assaults not find success, “those children who are being conceived ought to be killed,” as per a report in Severe Winter, a magazine on strict freedom and basic liberties.
Writing in the magazine, Massimo Introvigne, an Italian social scientist of religions, said the TLP is famous for its assaults against strict minorities, including Christians and Ahmadis.

As indicated by the report, Qadri likewise cautioned police against endeavoring to obstruct TLP’s strict purifying of the Ahmadis. “Those of you who are from the police, or on the other hand assuming there is any DPO (Region Cop) or DC (Agent Magistrate) or SHO (Police headquarters house official) should comprehend that we can’t be halted.”
On August 12, Naseer Ahmad, a 62-year-old Ahmadi father of 3, was wounded to death at the principal transport stop in Rabwah, a city with an Ahmadi greater part, by a TLP lobbyist who went there to “make an occurrence” with the Ahmadis, revealed Introvigne.
The TLP has additionally designated Pakistani Sunni Muslim lawmakers blamed for being “delicate on the Ahmadis.”
The Ahmadis are a mistreated strict minority in Pakistan through unambiguous regulations that make them peons. They are likewise supposedly kept from casting a ballot and holding office. Their entitlement to proliferate and rehearse their religion is lawfully denied.
Ahmadis are regularly arraigned for profanation, which conveys very brutal discipline including capital punishment. Numerous Ahmadis have been erroneously blamed for profanation and executed, detailed Al Arabiya Post. (ANI)

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