Urwa Hocane Tends To Relationship Status With Farhan Saeed

Lollywood diva Urwa Hocane is having an inconceivably bustling year. Be it putting on the maker’s cap for the film Tich Button or returning on the little screen for the show series Meri Shahzadi.

Regardless of the expanding rundown of expert undertakings, the netizens cannot help yet estimate about her own life, in partiular condition with Farhan Saeed.

In her new meeting on The Discussion Television show, the Udaari entertainer got serious about her ongoing relationship status with Farhan,

“There ought to be no interest openly, regardless, we both have colossal regard for one another’. The host Hassan Chaudhary asked that all that looks alright between the two and individuals are really inquisitive about them.

“It looks OK, since we have massive regard for one another, in couple of things, we really want security since we are human, I don’t know whether I will be offering this to my fans in future, I figure consideration ought to be there, individuals ought to ask something great or they ought to stay silent, I have seen that we attack individuals’ protection too effectively”, she closed.

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Tich Button’s release has been halted for the past two years but netizens will be treated with epic cinematography and star-studded cast this fall. 

The filmĀ marks Urwa Hocane’s debut as a producer, previously witnessed delays due to the COVID pandemic. It features A-list actors like Feroze Khan, Farhan Saeed, Iman Aly and Sonya Hussyn in key roles

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