‘Godforsaken spot’ – new Biden jest insults Afghan

US President Joe Biden and South Korea’s Leader Moon Jae-in (not envisioned) hold a joint news gathering following a day of gatherings at the White House, in Washington, May 21, 2021. — Reuters/Document

  • WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden has now infuriated Afghans by over and over deriding their country as a “Godforsaken spot,” making Kabul’s Taliban rulers guarantee that the American chief was doing as such out of dissatisfaction.

Last month, President Biden irritated Pakistanis when he portrayed their nation as “perhaps of the most hazardous country on the planet” that had atomic weapons with practically no ‘attachment’.

On Friday, he designated Afghanistan. “A ton of you have been to Afghanistan. I’ve been to all aspects of it. It’s a Godforsaken spot — it’s a Godforsaken spot,” said the US president while tending to war veterans at a political race rally in San Diego.

He described his few excursions to the Afghan disaster area as a congressperson and VP of the US, remembering the one for 2008 when he got abandoned in the snow.

Zabiullah Mujahid depicts comments as aftereffect of his disappointment over losing midterm decisions

On Saturday, Boss Tali­b­an representative Zabiullah Mujahid answered Mr Biden’s comments at a news meeting in Kabul, guaranteeing that the US chief was doing as such in disappointment since his party was losing the midterm races in the US.

“Those offering such comments are doing as such out of their dissatisfaction and jealousy for Afghanistan,” he said, adding that since the Taliban takeover in August 2022, harmony and security had gotten back to Afgh­anistan and the Afghans were “going about with their regular routines ordinarily.”

President Biden pulled out US troops from Afgha­nistan in August 2021, following twenty years of battle with the Taliban, and the withdrawal prompted a quick breakdown of the US-moved government in Kabul.

The Expenses of War Task at Earthy colored College assesses the longest military mediation in US history cost Washington about $2 trillion and ended the existences of in excess of 2,400 American fighters starting around 2001.

The US and its Western accomplices suspended monetary help to Kabul after the breakdown while the Biden organization likewise forced financial area endorses and froze billions of dollars in Afghan national bank’s unfamiliar stores.

Distributed in The Okara Times, November sixth, 2022

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