Pakistani educator Imran Ali Dina granted YouTube Silver button

  • Imran’s YouTube channel ‘GFX Mentor’, where he uses power of technology to teach graphics to those who don’t have access to expensive courses and can’t afford costly degrees but are willing to learn something.

KARACHI: A lecturer at Iqra University Imran Ali Dina has received a silver play button from YouTube for reaching 210,000 subscribers on the video sharing website.

Imran Ali turns into the principal Pakistani educator to hit 210K supporters over YouTube.

Imran’s YouTube channel ‘GFX Guide’, where he utilizes force of innovation to instruct designs to the people who don’t approach costly courses and can’t bear the cost of exorbitant degrees however will learn something.

Imran likewise has enormous quantities of Indian understudies over his channel as schooling doesn’t have limits.

It is discovered that the pleased Pakistani shows understudies crafts of designs, Imran utilizes Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Artist

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